Natural Hair: The Good, The Bad, and Ugly! My story!

Back Story:

As of January 2015, I began my journey into natural hair. Honestly, I went natural to prove a point that I could. Just like most black girls, I was team creamy crack (relaxer), but I wanted to prove that I could handle the natural hair lifestyle. So, January 2015, I began transitioning my hair from relaxers. October 2014 was actually the last time I put a relaxer on my hair. I protective styled throughout the transition process because it was easier for me. I didn’t really want to do a big chop because I was insecure. I did not think I would be “pretty” with a tiny afro.

Fast forward to August 2015, I decided to cut the remaining relaxed ends of my hair off! Shocked! IDENTITY CRISIS! I did not like it.

I went through a lot trying to get used to my natural hair. I added color which helped a little, but I was so used to being able to put my hair in a ponytail on lazy days that I was just not feeling it. So, when my hair became able to grip, I got a protective style. I pretty much protective styled for almost a year and a half. From crochet to braids to sew ins, I had it all. January 2017, I wanted to embrace my natural hair and actually rock it!

Now, Lets Talk!

The Good: Natural hair is absolutely beautiful! Regardless the type, length, or color, it is beautiful. I love the diversity natural hair has. I can still rock a wig, sew in, braids, and when I decide to take it out, a fresh wash and the curls popping just makes me smile. I can wear my hair in a puff, twist out, wash n go, just about anyway I want to and I love it! Natural hair makes me feel liberated! It is fascinating and I love getting asked questions about it! You would be amazed at the amount of questions natural hair women receive on a day to day basis. I can walk in the rain without my hair puffing up (unless I got a fresh silk press). I can go to gym and sweat my edges away (natural hair loves water). It is truly a great thing!

The Bad: Oh everyone going natural because its cheaper than going to the salon! SAYS WHO?!?!? This is what I heard so much when I first went natural. Let me tell you something, going natural, IS NOT CHEAP!!!! The products are more expensive and depending on the thickness and length of your hair, you can go through products really quick. Wash days are dreadful, detangling is painful, especially if you got some thick hair like myself. We have bad days too!

The Ugly: Heat damage and starting over! I think this has to be the worst thing someone can go through with their hair. I have experienced heat damage and color damage. I have had to cut inches of hair off to get my hair back healthy. It is not a walk in the park either. Protein treatments and deep conditioning are your best friends during this time. Deep conditioning is a MUST with natural hair period!

As you can see, natural hair is amazing, but it can also be challenging. This is just my story, what’s yours?