Authentically You

*Remember you are not your past, it is just a apart of your story.

What is your truth? What is your purpose? Who are you?

Very powerful questions that I asked myself about 5 years ago. The second question, I could answer easily. My purpose was revealed to me at a very early stage of life. I have always thoroughly enjoyed helping others and giving my all to people. However, I truly had to evaluate myself and do a little soul searching to answer the other questions.

*Re-evaluating your life is perfectly normal; nothing is weird about it.

In my research, I stumbled upon an article discussing, “14 ways that reveal who you really are”. I pulled a few out that I could identify with during my evaluation.

  1. “Hardships”

Now the first happen to come in the Fall of 2012 when lost my job. Keep in mind, a hardship can also be a breakup, death of a loved one, divorce, and smooch more. Hardships can also come at any given time of your life. At this point, I truly felt my lowest. I became depressed, which made me fall in love with writing again. Writing became my niche in high school when my English teachers made us write essays literally everyday. Writing was my coping mechanism. The second hardship came this past summer in the passing of my father. Hardships can occur close together and far apart. They all affect who you truly are. Hardships build STRENGTH!

  1. “Who you are when no one is looking”

I was hardly ever the kid wanting to be like others. I went through quite a few phases throughout my teenage years. I started off hating makeup (just wore gloss), to being a tomboy (wearing baggy clothes and adding black eyeliner to eyes and lips), to becoming so girly that my dad was afraid. My parents was not about spending an arm and a leg to look good, so I learned early on to be frugal and fabulous. You controlled the clothes, not the other way around. I had my own personality and swag and was so here for it. I had no need to impress others. This builds SELF-CONFIDENCE!

  1. “The way you approached your greatest failures”

My greatest failure was ruining my credit in my early 20’s. I thought my life was over because honestly if you don’t know, your credit is EVERYTHING. In that low moment of my life, I pulled out some motivation to gain knowledge about fixing my credit. You know you can get anyone to repair your credit, but taking the initiative to do it myself was fulfilling. I increased my knowledge on budgeting as well. I reversed my failure to a success. Often you will hear, don’t allow things to get you down. I got something better, don’t allow things to keep you down! Its okay to have low moments, time, days, etc., but don’t stay there! When you are at the bottom, the only way is up! How are you looking at your situation? This builds INTELLIGENCE!

These are just a few things I evaluated on my journey in finding my true self. Now to answer the last two questions.

Whats my truth?

I own everything about myself. My good and my bad. There is nothing no one else can tell me about me that I don’t already know! Oh, you spoil; I know! Oh you gaining weight; I know! Don’t let things you already know about yourself upset you. If its a problem for you and only you, then you fix it!

Who are you?

Angela Monique 100%. A woman who is far from perfect, but I accept my flaws and walk in the body and mind of my own. Im a nurturer, a peace keeper, and I carry myself respectably and humbly in this life of mine. I care not to be like anyone else other than ME! With strength, self-confidence and intelligence, I’m a beast!

So who are you? Lets Talk…………