2017? 2018? YouTube? Blogging?

Ha! So many questions and I have the answers!

Let’s start with the purpose question.

My purpose in life is to motivate in every aspect possible. Motivation can come through makeup tutorials, fashion posts, dancing, singing, and so much more. Our younger generations need guidance and lets be honest, social media has taken over! Might as well meet them were they are, Social Media!

The deal with my YouTube channel is it does not focus on one thing. I am not a makeup artist, I am just a woman who loves makeup. HUGE DIFFERENCE! I am not a stylist, I am just a woman who loves fashion! I am not a licensed psychologist, but I am a real person, giving real advice about real issues in a real way.

Self-esteem in the world is an issue. I have cousins battling with self-esteem and someone has to step up and make a change! Let me motivate you and push you while we get these brows together! Or let me throw some knowledge at you about the natural hair journey I am going through while we saves some coins on fashion. Matter of fact, let me show you a realistic everyday makeup look while we chit chat about life in general!

That’s why I started my channel and my blog!

2017 was the year of growth. I took some major losses in 2017. From finding out my father had cancer to losing him 3 months later. 2017 I finally grew up literally. I had to be the big girl he raised! I had to take on tasks that I honestly wasn’t ready for but the strength inside pushed me to leap a little further into my destiny.

2018 is about being the best you that you can be in every aspect of life! Regardless if its weight loss, weight gain, dancing, singing, acting, whatever it is leap into it. Don’t doubt yourself, don’t make excuses, just do it! Success is what you make it.

My purpose is clear and I am putting forth the work!